For freedom of mind and space
Feed your soul
About me:

             I have worked with countless people in bringing their visions 
to life. Owning my own businesses for years I take pride in my customer service. I am also a member 
of The National Association of Professional Organizers.

           I am blessed with the natural gift of turning chaos 
into creative order. I know that each person I work with is unique and I am non-judgmental about his or her situation.

           I will work hands-on with each client helping
 to meet their organizational needs. I am passionate about what I do and through my humor and my positive energy will make this into an enjoyable experience for you, so that you can finally have freedom of mind and space.

I am now doing Personal assistant work to help you get your business or life...
 "Perfectly Organized"


 My promise to you:

 I offer patient, non-judgmental, non-criticizing, gently guided organizing and productivity services to you.

• I will keep you focused, efficient, and effective and assist in easing your decision-making processes.

• All work is done in strictest confidentiality.

• I will help you stay motivated.

• I will help you Determine what to Keep, Sell, Donate, or Toss

• I will Rearrange, Restyle, Re-purpose, and Recycle









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